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Our soups are cold mixed, are autoclaved once they are safely in their packaging, and contain 100% natural ingredients.

  • Creamy tomato
  • Creamy mushroom
  • Tomato bell-pepper
  • Red curry
  • in development…

We are curently working on the assortment. You can expect a wide assorment of fruit and vegetable juices.

The soups are cold mixed and only heated once they are safe in the packaging to keep the great taste, smell and colour. The heating guarantees the shelf life.

The juices are quickly frozen immediately after pressing. The great tast and smell is as it were ‘frozen in time to be awakened when it is to be served’.

We have checked and searched for a better way to package them. Each time we came back to requirements in our unique concept which could only be met by plastic. Fortunately, the plastics can be easily recycled. So, please take care to do so.

The QR-code tells the dispenser which product is placed. Thus it can switch to the optimal settings.

Also, the expiry date is checked as we only want the dispenser to serve great soups and juices.

Finally, the many portions dispenser has a screen showing the ingredients and allergens of the soup for your information. The QR-code is containing this information as well. 

Soups can be stored at ambient temperatures.

Juices need to be kept in the freezer.

Both have a minimum shelf live of 12 months enabling you to offer a wide assortment to your customers, without the worry of the soups and juices going to waste. Great for you, better for the environment.

As we want the dispensers to meet your expectations, we’re finalising our development only when we think they will actually do so.

We are working hard to make the dispensers available in 2022. As early as possible.

Please contact us if you want to be updated on our progress.

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