Established in 2018

Did you ever have to disappoint your customers because you could not offer them great, natural juices? Or savoury soups?

We wondered why a good juice is hard to find outside our homes. So, uncovering this mystery we learned that it is just too much of a hassle to make fresh juices. During our inspiring talks with many people in foodservice we also learned that a good soup is hard to find at many locations, for many of the same reasons. So, we decided: Let’s enable foodservice to serve great tasting, natural, real soups & juices!

We think we nailed it and look forward to hearing your experiences!


We help foodservice to offer great tasting, healthy foods. Any place, any time.


In the years to come, we will be known for our effective solutions to offer great tasting, healthy foods in places where it previously was not economically or physically possible.